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Property Mangement


We provide Rental Support Services, Property Management, Property Rehab, and Real Estate Sales.  All services are designed to assist our clients through a stress

free transition to Affordable Housing.  


We invite organizations or interested persons to join us in our quest for more affordable housing in Alameda County.


House Windows & Roofs


We make a difference in senior lives by encouraging socialization and interaction with others.  It is important to us that we provide  effective socialization services to help stabilize seniors  in shared housing.  Every effort is made to select a housemate from our data base who will be a compatible.  


We do, of course,  collaborate with other agencies/organizations  to find a  suitable housemate when necessary.   We always welcome the support of  organizations that help to  improve the preparedness for assisting senior residents. 

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The Vital Need
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Gold Star Senior Shared Housing was born out of the vital need for more Affordable Housing in the senior community.  Rising rents continue to force seniors on a fixed income out of their homes and on the streets.   


Approximately 30% of seniors in Alameda County own or have access to under utilized space (a spare bedroom, a converted garage, a backyard cottage, etc.) that is not being used while they struggle financially on a fixed income.

Effective use of these rooms can create Affordable Housing for some and ease the financial burden of all concerned.  Shared Housing is a win-win solution!



Shared Housing  is a fast growing  segment  of   the  rental market.  It exemplifies a creative approach to the strained Affordable Housing market.

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